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My Story


About Me

I studied biology at MIT, and went on to University of Florida for medical school and UNM for Pediatric training. This was not always a straightforward journey, and I imagined that I would have much more figured out about life by the time I finished my training. 


Instead, I found that I had spent so many years molding my unique self to meet the demands of my schooling or to please others, that I wasn’t quite sure what I truly wanted my life to look like. I turned to yoga, an ancient practice from my heritage, 

to help connect with my body, and integrate my whole self. After taking yoga teacher training at High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque, NM, I continued to attend retreats with my teacher, read, meditate, and journal. I realized that as much as my body opened and blossomed with the influence of yoga asana, my mind was able to free itself from my own limiting beliefs. However, this portion of the journey was entirely internal and unguided.

I wished that there...

had been a more direct, guided path for personal development, so that other women would not have to go through the same internal struggles I faced. I developed a curriculum to utilize each woman’s inherent compassion and insight (that most women use to help others), to help themselves, and founded the Fulfilled Female Physician. Though I initially created this curriculum for other female physicians, as I talked to professional women in other fields, I realized that women with various backgrounds could all utilize the teachings in this material.  I truly believe that we have all the wisdom we need to create the lives we want, if we would only take the time to seek and listen to our heart’s calling.


I currently live and work in a small town in Colorado as a pediatrician, am the physician wellness coordinator for the hospital in which I work, volunteer in Nepal and Guatemala for medical mission work, and teach yoga. I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, doing yoga, hiking, eating yummy food, making jewelry, painting, and making and listening to music in my free time. 

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