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fulfilled females

promoting personal growth for women


About Me

My name is Ananya Lusero, and I am the founder of the Fulfilled Female Physician. I have a passion for using yoga and guided insight practices to facilitate professional women to take time for themselves, break down patterns of limiting thoughts and behaviors, to reveal the incredible individual who knows herself and creates her own possibilities.

Guided Meditation

Online Workshops

Indulge in self-compassion  with guided yoga and personal insight exercises


Yoga Retreat

Deepen your self-awareness through a week-long retreat at the beach


Imagine Yourself Here

The yoga retreat at Yoga Del Pacifico in Troncones, Mexico will involve a full week immersion to deepen your yoga practice toward the goal of personal growth and development. This week includes two classes per day, with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean, with guided physical and written practices to lead to greater possibilities and fulfillment in your life. 

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